Sydney – Playa Vista

Normally I do not rate 5 stars in every category, but Reid Kaplan is one of those very few and rare ultimate professionals that deserves this full maximum performance level due to his focus and dedication every minor and major step along the way in this long involved process of my short sale. He navigated every critical step, and there were so many challenges that never appeared to become frustrating to Reid with his positive ability to surmount any challenge along the way no matter what it took being truly inspirational to me. I was so fortunate to choose Reid who had a firm contract on my very small Condo in the matter of less than a few weeks. He handled every facet of this sale and never disbursed some of the sale process to be handled by others overseeing the whole process along the way and never losing site of the details at every critical juncture where a sale could potentially fall apart He even goes beyond the call of duty going to the extent for my sale of generating more than one back-up offer for added insurance that there was always a contingency in place and never resting when all seemed to be well so that he could head off potential pitfalls before they ever could potentially become an issue. He even worked behind the scenes to resolve issues with the Bank’s short sale process and computer program to get it working so that there would be no extended delay in the overall process. I am truly blessed to have Reid as my agent, and it was so worthwhile that I did check his rating which was superb, and I can definitely see why now after the whole process was so painless for me when I was told that these short sales can be a nightmare – Reid with his professionalism and charismatic manner made it a pleasure. I truly hope that you will make a wonderful choice for your agent as I have for a successful sale or buying experience. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and I hope this very deserving truth about Reid Kaplan reaches as many people as possible.


Reid Kaplan