Henry – Manhattan Beach

I contacted Reid Kaplan about a year ago to show me a property listing of his that I was interested in seeing. I was debating my living options since I was relocating from San Diego. I had worked with several realtors in Los Angeles with varying degrees of success and I found Reid to be very personable, intelligent, and aggressive, so when this condo turned out to be not what I was looking for, I decided I would give Reid the opportunity to be my broker.

During the course of our working together, which was about ten months, I was most impressed by Reid’s professionalism, positivity, strategic thinking, and problem solving ability. The most notable example came when we were in escrow on the house I recently purchased. I had been pre-qualified for a loan and despite our persistent attempts to push the lender to approve the loan quickly in order to close early, they stalled. One day before contingencies were to be removed, the bank still had not approved the loan.

Reid dedicated the better part of a week to the task of verifying all information that the lender required at the eleventh hour. Because my previous employer had merged with another company and could not verify my bonuses, Reid tracked down an employee compensation verification website and paid out of his own pocket for salary reports to provide to my lender. In the end, Reid negotiated an extension with the seller’s agent (not an easy task when the seller had a backup offer higher than my own and were rightfully entitled to cancel our contract without the extension) and the information he provided to the lender proved to be vital in allowing the loan to be approved in the nick of time. I think Reid went above and beyond what I would expect a realtor to do, acted with a sense of urgency, and maintained calm under pressure, which helped keep me stay calm in a very stressful situation.

I feel that I was very lucky to have had Reid Kaplan as my real estate agent. He exhibits a variety of traits, confidence and composure in negotiations, willingness to do more than he is asked, and a generally positive and friendly attitude. I feel very comfortable recommending Reid to a potential client who is interested in buying or selling a home.


Reid Kaplan